Over half of our team comes from the traditional games industry and majority of the team members are based across Asia. Below is a list of all the core team members of the project, individuals not on this list are hired to help or volunteers on the project.


Dan Le worked in the gaming industry for the past 5+ years since 2016. Starting his career at OneSoft and then moved to VNG between 2017 - 2020. Vietnamese studios and developers have created many of the top hits recently including Axie Infinity and VNG is one of the top 4 largest game publishers in Vietnam.

Dan worked as the lead game designer on Samurai Shodown and was also part of the team that created Metal Wings, GunPow 3D, AU Mobi, and other mobile titles. Dan is not a proficient English speaker but it doesn't impact his ability to create a great game, he will be working with 3 other full-time game developers including a Lead programmer, 3D environment artist and 2D-3D artist on this project.


Ado comes from a strategy consulting background across different industries including financial services and tech and has been working for a large gaming business more recently. Ado understands and has deep connections in the gaming industry, he is responsible for everything on the business and marketing side of GFC.


Dave is the smart contract/web3 software engineer. Dave was offered a position in a smart contract development firm, which focuses on providing trading standards for DEXs. He works very closely with smart contracts and knows a great deal about them. Dave has been working with Blockchain technology for over 2 years, we believe his experience can bring benefits to the project.


Yassin is a strategist thinker with a passion for innovation, business development and marketing. He started his marketing agency in 2016 and found his interest in NFTs in early 2021. Since then he has been actively invested in different projects until he found his position with GFC, currently based in Germany.


Our lead artist is Don, he is an award-winning digital art/designer with a degree in Fine Arts and years of experience in Multimedia Arts and Design. Illustration is Don’s expertise, specializing in cartoon, comic art and caricature.

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