Genesis Galaxy Fighters

Our very own 10K collection

Genesis Galaxy Fighters are the original 10K NFTs we launched in August 2021, these are playable characters in our game alongside avatars from other collections. They are called Genesis to differentiate from the 2nd Generation fighters which are trained with the Genesis Galaxy Fighters, and are unique because they are the only characters that generate a daily yield of $GCOIN, our in-game currency.

Link to GFC Genesis Galaxy Fighters: GFC Genesis Galaxy Fighters

The Value of Genesis Galaxy Fighters

The value of Genesis Galaxy Fighters is maintained and increased as the game user-base grows through a number of ways

  1. 5–15 $GCOIN generation

  2. Ability to win Gold Keys

  3. Participate in the exclusive weekly tournaments of $ETH/$GCOIN prize

  4. Train 2nd generation fighters which has the same benefits as the Genesis Galaxy Fighters with no $GCOIN yield

  5. Access to exclusive Discord channel

Galaxy Fighters

While all major NFT collections will be integrated into Galaxy Fight Club, there is an original 10,129 Galaxy Fighter collection.

These Galaxy fighters come from 7 different races, the human race alone will have 8 variants. As a general rule the rarer the race of the fighter is, the stronger it will be in battle, Gold Humans are the rarest but they are not necessarily the strongest on the power scale because they are considered a Human race variant instead of a unique race (many of the gold humans are very strong however due to the rarer armour that comes with them compared to the ones available for stronger races).

7 Races: Humans, Beasts, Ogre, Alien, Reptar, Glopz, Death Robot*

8 Human Variants: Albino, Yakuza, Zombie, Mutated, Female, Trippy, Cyborg, Gold

*One of the 7 races is the Death Robot, this was airdropped to holders that held all 6 races from the original Galaxy Galaxy Fighters collection in their wallet shortly after the minting event back in August. This is the rarest race with just 135 created, they are also the strongest due to their rarity however they come without weapons or armour.


Link to GFC Companion: GFC Companion

Companions were airdropped to certain holders which met specific requirements in August, Companions will have future utility in the game. For example, you will be able to bring them into the battle with you to deal extra damage to your opponents or help you absorb damage. Companions do not yield $GCOINs like the original Galaxy Fighters do.

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