Everyone can participate in Galaxy Fight Club, If a player does not have access to any avatars, they will be given a default fighter with base stats and a default base tier weapon; if they have a partnered project’s avatar, they can play with that; if they have a Genesis Galaxy Fighter they can also play with that. The only difference is that the loot/rewards that you can earn from winning are different based on the avatar or weapon you play with (see Play To Earn section for more details)

The game is also designed to cater to multiple types of players, if a player does not enjoy taking part in the actual battles they can play the game as a manager and focus on renting out their stable of fighters to others to fight for them with loot share; or one can become a crafter and focus on finding the best ingredients to forge into newer and stronger weapons for arbitrage opportunities - there is no one way to play the game and these are all viable paths to play-to-earn.

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