Userbase and monthly active users (MAU) are important metrics that should be increasing over time for a healthy game and our system is set up to achieve this goal while ensuring the value given to the original Galaxy Fighters also increases over time.

Fighters form the basic block to our game, and we aim to integrate as many of the PFP collections into our game as possible which allows an ever-increasing userbase and our game modes is designed to optimise for this outcome (see 'Partners')

We will be working towards having a unique in-game character for every single unique NFT in our collection, for example there would be 10,000 unique in-game characters for Gen 1 Galaxy Fighters, each in-game character only unlockable with their corresponding NFT.

As an example the following in-game characters will be available for the Bored Apes:

The Battle stats to the fighters will not be revealed and remain hidden for a number of reasons, first of all we believe part of the enjoyment is figuring out which fighter or which traits are stronger, secondly we do not want this to turn into a pay-to-win game, finally it also allow for more fair cross-collection battle, if the Galaxy Fighter tokens have their stats visible but the other collection do not then it creates an imbalance of information between GFC token owners and partnering collection

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