Gaming Issuance

Gaming Issuance refers to the daily yield of $GCOIN from Genesis Galaxy Fighters

Gaming Issuance accounts for 40% of the total $GCOIN supply or about 60M GCOINs, it refers to the daily yield of $GCOIN from Genesis Galaxy Fighters

$GCOINs generated by Galaxy Fighters have started accumulation at midnight on the 29th of September 2021, 1/3 of the $GCOINs accumulated between the 26th of September 2021 to 20th of January 2022 will be unlocked and claimable on the 20th of January, with another 1/3 unlocked on the 20th of Feb and the final 1/3 on the 20th of March. The normal daily yield from the fighters also continues after the 20th of January 2022 and these can be claimed daily in addition to the accumulated amounts.

How can I obtain $GCOIN tokens:



Basic Fighter

5 $GCOIN daily

Common Fighter

5 $GCOIN daily

Uncommon Fighter

6 $GCOIN daily

Rare Fighter

7 $GCOIN daily

Epic Fighter Fighter

8 $GCOIN daily

Legendary Galaxy Fighters

10 $GCOIN daily

Mythic Galaxy Fighters

12 $GCOIN daily

Exotic Galaxy Fighters

15 $GCOIN daily

Winning Team Tournaments



The token yield is not proportional to the current market price as of writing deliberately as secondary market prices changes all the time. The value of rarer tier fighters is not only in their daily $GCOIN yield but also their higher likelihood of winning battles (and hence weapons and more $GOINs) as well as collectible value/status - factors that are not priced into the secondary market but not reflected in the daily $GCOIN yield. There is no maximum or cap on the total number of $GCOINs any one single wallet can receive per day.

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