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$GCOINs are the underlying in-game currency that underpins our entire game economy, they are needed for a number of in-game activities all the way from opening loot boxes with keys (won from battles), forging/upgrading weapons and training new Gen 2 fighters. As such it is designed to capture the value from the growth of the ecosystem as the userbase of the game increases and the frequency at which these in-game activities take place also increases.
This is especially the case because of the 150M supply limit of $GCOIN which will take over 3 years to be in full circulation and the deflationary mechanics put in place:
What you can use $GCOIN for:
Forging weapons
Weapon re-roll
Unlocking loot boxes
Training 2nd generation fighters
Exclusive collab items & skins
In-game emoji pack
*Costs are subject to change to maintain a healthy $GCOIN economy
There will only be around 3.4M $GCOIN in circulation for the first 2 weeks from IDO, with this number slowly increasing as the $GCOIN from accumulated gaming issuance is slowly unlocked.
40% of all in-game tokens are distributed back to the holders of Genesis Galaxy Fighters, at IDO prices this is at least $30M USD of value, and at the time of writing (3 days after IDO) at least $120M that is given back to the community and believers of the project.
Both the advisors and team members have a 6 month lockup as well as a 36 months vest after the lockup, this ensures interests are aligned. Token buyers from our token sale are also locked up between 1.5 to 3 months from IDO date and vested over 18 months.