Training (2nd Gen Fighters)

Training is GFC's version of what many other projects called 'Breeding', it allows a Genesis Galaxy Fighter to create a 2nd generation Galaxy Fighter, the training process looks like this:

1 Galaxy Fighter + 4 weapons (burned) + 800 $GCOIN = 2nd generation Galaxy Fighter

The rarity of the 2nd generation Galaxy Fighter is determined by the weapons you use to train it, and unlike forging, you will be able to use a combination of both ranged and melee weapons as training ingredients. Using higher tiers weapon and OG weapons for training will significantly increase the chances of receiving a rare 2nd generation.

The Generation 1 Galaxy Fighter used in the training process will also have an effect on the rarity of the Gen 2 fighter, the stronger and more rare the Gen 1 fighter is, the stronger and more rare the output will be:

2nd generation fighters are special for the following reasons:

  1. On average stronger than Gen 1 fighters

  2. Ability to earn Gold Keys

  3. Participate in the exclusive weekly tournaments of $ETH/$GCOIN prize

  4. Access to exclusive Discord channel

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