Guilds & Scholarships

We are excited to announce that we are partnered with some of the biggest top-tier guilds in the P2E space today. First on the list is Yield Guild Games (YGG SEA), we are also partnered with Avocado Guild, Perion, PATH DAO, Polemos, as well as Unsung Guild and Yunko Association who have been with us on this journey since the start.

Guilds are organizations that makes P2E accessible for many players who cannot afford the NFT assets themselves, they often purchase NFTs in bulk and then lend them back to their scholars in a revenue split model. Partnering with guilds enable easier onboarding and organizing a large amount of player. These 6 guilds are just the start, we are in discussion with many more and will onboard many more in the future to expand our userbase.

We will have two systems that allow for guilds and scholarships to be integrated seamlessly into our game 1) traditional scholarship system 2) collateral-free trust-less lending system with automatic loot split

Option 1: Traditional scholarship system

This is the scholarship system that is used in most of the other P2E games in the space today, it involves linking your wallets with an email and giving this email to your scholars to play the game for you. All loot is deposited into the wallet holding the NFT assets (e.g. fighters and weapons), the loot split or compensation distribution is done manually by the asset owner hence it is a system that requires a degree of trust between asset owner and scholar. This model is popularised by Axie Infinity and currently used by most guilds.

Option 2: Collateral-free trust-less lending system

The traditional scholarship system is wonderful if you already have scholars you hired and they can trust you to compensate them fairly. But what if you don't know any scholar? This is where the collateral-free trust-less lending system comes in, this system allows both individuals and guilds alike to lend out their assets (lenders) through a platform to other individuals who are looking to rent the assets (renters).

The assets being lended out will be locked inside a contract and the lender will have the option of either charging a fixed fee (e.g 0.2E) for lending out the asset for a fixed period of time or they could also opt for a loot share revenue split model where the loot are distributed fairly between the lenders and renters. For example for every 2 keys earned by the renter, 1 will be deposited into the wallet of the lender and the other into the wallet of the renter.

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