Galaxy Fight Club

Official Galaxy Fight Club Whitepaper, last updated September 2022

Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is the first cross-IP game focused on fast-paced PvP for the NFT Universe allowing holders of different NFT collections to battle with each other to win and earn rewards through play- to-earn mechanics and real-time mobile-first MOBA gameplay.

Referencing Matthew Ball, one of the core attributes of the Metaverse is that it offers unprecedented interoperability of digital items/assets. In other words, you can use your ‘Counter-Strike’ gun skin to decorate a gun in Fortnite.

Offer unprecedented interoperability of data, digital items/assets, content, and so on across each of these experiences — your “Counter-Strike” gun skin, for example, could also be used to decorate a gun in Fortnite, or be gifted to a friend on/through Facebook. Similarly, a car designed for Rocket League (or even for Porsche’s website) could be brought over to work in Roblox. Today, the digital world basically acts as though it were a mall where every store used its own currency, required proprietary ID cards, had proprietary units of measurement for things like shoes or calories, and different dress codes, etc. — Matthew Ball

Yet the current state of the NFT space feels very siloed, there is still little collaboration between different collections, and to our knowledge no platform where different IPs from different collections can interact with each other. We see this as a challenge that is preventing the NFT space from growing into something more and it’s a problem that we want to solve with GFC but instead of creating new utility-based collections, we want to create and add utility for existing NFT avatar collections like the Cryptopunks and the BAYC.

Galaxy Fight Club's Mission

Galaxy Fight Club's mission to to be the Nintendo of Web3, but instead of franchises coming together in a closed loop we believe in the interoperability of digital items/assets in a truly open ecosystem where the players, instead of the company own the IP. We aim to create a cross-IP game platform for the NFT Universe where different IPs from different collections can interact with each other in a meaningful way.

The Vision

In the fictional Metaverse of Ready Player One called Oasis, there are different planets known for different experiences and players hop between each planet with their avatars. In the future we see Galaxy Fight Club as the go-to platform for PvP experiences, a player might login to the Sandbox when they want to relax and build but come to Galaxy Fight Club for fighting, combat and excitement.

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