Leveling & Ranking Systems
NFT Level – Every NFT fighter will be assigned a level based on the experience points accumulated by playing Galaxy Fight Club. Experience points are unique to each NFT fighter, cannot be transferred to other NFTs, and cannot be lost. Increasing a fighter’s level will increase their combat stats, resulting in stronger fighters.
Account Rank – Every account (wallet) will be assigned a rank based on the number of trophies accumulated by playing Galaxy Fight Club. Trophies are gained or lost depending on in-game victories and losses. An account’s rank influences matchmaking and determines the likelihood of receiving loot boxes at the end of matches. Increasing your account’s rank will increases your chances of receiving loot boxes.

Account Ranking System

Ranking is a system that sort players into different tiers based on the number of trophies they have accumulated. Trophies are awarded to a player’s account when a match is won and deducted from a player’s account when a match is lost. Trophies are assigned to an account (wallet), not an individual NFT.
The purpose of a ranking system is to:
  • Ensure fair matchmaking, by allowing players with similar skillsets to compete against one another;
  • Determine eligibility and entry requirements for exclusive tournaments; and
  • Reward successful players with more loot boxes.
An account’s rank directly impacts the drop rate of keys (loot boxes) when a match is won. The higher an account’s rank, the more likely they will receive rewards when they win in-game. This reward mechanism will be modified to discourage anti-competitive behaviour (such as deliberately losing games to compete against easier, lower-ranked players) and award those players who are victorious in the arena. This mechanism also encourages play-to-earn players to play more often.
There are 40 different ranks, which are then categorised into 8 different leagues.

NFT Leveling System

Levels are assigned to an individual NFT fighter and impact an NFT’s in-game strength. Levels are gained by earning experience points. A NFT fighter will earn experience points by completing games, with more points being awarded for victories. Experience points are not deducted for losses and therefore an NFT’s level will never decrease (unlike ranks which fluctuate, as trophies are lost when a player is defeated).
Leveling up a NFT fighter improves its combat strength (stats), increasing the likelihood of winning games. The leveling system applies to NFT fighters from the GFC Universe as well as NFT fighters from other projects and collections.
Experience points are tied to each unique NFT fighter. When an NFT is sold, the NFT’s experience points (and level) will also be transferred to the new owner. Levels are tied to the NFTs themselves to enable a true play-to-earn mechanism. Players will be able to buy untrained fighters, train them up, and re-sell them at a higher value (as the increase in the NFT’s level results in stronger, more valuable fighter).
F2P players can also level-up using their base character although it isn't an NFT, there is a lower cap on the maximum level F2P players can get to versus an NFT character.