Leveling & Ranking Systems

There are two main progression systems within GFC

  1. Ranking (trophies)

  2. Leveling (experience points)

Both progressions systems are account based which means they are bounded to your accounts instead to your NFTs. The difference between the two is outlined below:

Account Ranking System


Your rank can be between 1–40 and is determined by your trophy number, a lower trophy count will put you in a lower rank and vice versa, your ranking in turn determines the League you are playing at. Trophies can be won or lost and the amount you gain/lose is dynamic depending on the League you are playing in as well as the rank of your opponents.

The reward of being in a higher rank is not just the bragging rights, but a higher rank allows you to enjoy a higher drop chance of gold keys and silver keys. Ranking is bounded to your account. You can understand ranking as our MMR system.

NFT Leveling System

Your level can also be between 1 and 40 and is determined by your experience points, it gets progressively harder to advance to the next level as you advance, requiring more experience points. Experience points can only be gained but cannot be lost, you gain experience points after each match, winning a match will grant you more experience points relative to being on the losing team.

As you level up, you will be able to unlock special rewards in our Levels Reward Program. Rewards can include in-game display icons, cosmetics, weapons, special characters, emojis, emotes and others. Your experience points and level is tied to your account and cannot be transferred, these in-game rewards are also fixed to your account and cannot be sold or transferred as NFTs.

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