A real-time NFT PvP game

The game will be a 3D hyper-casual styled fighting game that is similar to Brawl Stars, fighters will be able to engage in both melee or ranged attacks depending on the weapon that they have selected with a movement system that allows them to move up, move down, left, right as well as the ability to engage with several obstacles and objects scattered across the map.

Two main factors determine the outcome of a battle in equal measures:

  1. The overall strength of your Fighter is decided by their traits (namely base race, armor, and weapon)

  2. Your gameplay performance.

We don’t want this to be a pay-to-win game where a rarer fighter will destroy everyone else. Although a rare fighter with strong armor and weapons provides a significant advantage, it is still only half the equation as the rest will depend on how well you can actually play the game. It is entirely possible that a more skilled player in the game with a 50 percentile fighter can beat a 80 percentile player.

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