Note: not all partnerships are listed out on this page

Galaxy Fight Club's mission is to break down the silos between different NFT projects in the space. As part of this mission, Galaxy Fight Club has already established a number of partners with leading tier 1 NFT-native projects like Cyberkongz, BYOPills as well as GameFi projects like Illuvium. Galaxy Fight Club provides/adds long-term utility to these projects by giving them access to our platform while they help to make it easier for us to turn our vision of creating a Super Smash Bros for the NFT universe into reality.

We can and will be including any avatar collection we chose to prioritize, and all major avatar projects will be added into the game over time whether there is a partnership or not, as long as the NFT rights belong to its owner instead of the collection. By signing into the game and agreeing to terms of use, the owner of these NFTs will give Galaxy Fight Club the rights to create derivative work.

The whole point of NFTs is OWNERSHIP, and this means allowing the owner to decide what to do with it, whether to play the game or not. If a user does not want to play or participate with their avatars, they do not have to and we would never display your avatars in our game without your permission.

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