Game Modes

3v3 (Main game mode)

This is the main mode of the game, 3v3 mode allows you to either enter as a pre-made team or get matched with others to play. You can play in this mode whether you are playing as a Galaxy Fighter or as an avatar from another collection or even if you are a F2P player with no avatar; the only impact is the type of loot box keys you can get as rewards at the end of a round.


Team tournaments are in 3v3 format, and instead of finding teammates through online matchmaking you will only be able to enter a tournament with pre-made teams. You can find team mates in our discord or find friends and family who might be interested to join you. Only Galaxy Fighters can enter into tournaments (Genesis or 2nd generation).

A match is over when either team has 20 points (1 point = 1 kill), the winning team will advance through the tournament until the final. The team that wins the final will win the $ETH or $GCOIN prize which will be split three-way among the 3 team members.


This is the classic death match mode, players will enter into the battle arena and the player who accumulate 10 points (1 kill = 1 point) first will win the match. There are no rewards to this mode.

Battle Royale

A classic Battle Royale mode where 10 players join the same battle arena and the last man standing wins. A death ring will appear on the borders on the map to slowly shrink the area which fighters can fight in. The rewards to the Battle Royale mode are to be determined.

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