Weapons are a scarce resource in the game and demand will always exceed supply

Weapons are a key resource inside the game and is designed to always be in short-demand, it will be a hard to come, highly valuable resource which makes the progression to get the best weapon and most rare generation 2 fighter a long term one. Like Galaxy Fighters, there are 8 different tiers to them, they are extremely important in the game loop for a few 3 reasons:

  1. They make up 50% of the strength of a fighter

Each of the original Galaxy Fighter comes with their own weapon which can be used inside the game, similar to the fighters themselves, the strength of the weapon is correlated with their rarity and tier. There will also be a difference between melee and ranged weapons, ranged weapons will have bigger reach/shooting distance while melee weapon is limited to close quarters but generally deal greater damage.

If you want to swap out your weapon you will need a swappable weapon which are unique NFTs, this means every single player in the future will likely want to switch or upgrade their weapon, we believe a DAU of 100K players in the medium to long term is realistic (10K Genesis Fighters, 10K 2nd Gen Fighters, 50K fighters from 20+ partnered collections, F2P players).





Uncommon, Rare

Special in-game combos and increases 2nd generation rarity significantly


Genesis Gear Loot box


Basic - Epic

All weapons in this collection are exclusive and cannot be won in-game. This is the only collection of weapons (for non-GFC fighters) that could be used to win Gold Keys.

P2E rewards

Loot box opens with Gold Keys, Silver Keys


Basic - Exotic

P2E weapons, like Genesis weapons, can be used for training Generation 2 fighters. However Genesis weapons are considered to be superior ingredients and therefore will generally result in better/stronger Generation 2 Galaxy Fighters.

Link to GFC Genesis Key (which opens into Genesis Weapons): GFC Genesis Key

Link to GFC Genesis Weapon: GFC Genesis Weapon

Link to GFC Weapon: GFC Weapon

2. They are used in forging

Weapons are the raw ingredients to forge stronger weapons (please read the Forging sub-section for more clarity)

x # of weapons + $GCOINs (burned) = next tier of weapon

3. They are used to train a 2nd generation fighter

1 Galaxy Fighter + x # weapons (burned) + $GCOIN (burned) = 2nd generation Galaxy Fighter

Please see the 'Training' sub-section under 'Fighters' for more details.

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