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Our P2E ecosystem contain a few different steps:

  1. You earn in-game key fragments

  2. You redeem them for on-chain versions on our website

  3. Once redeemed you can craft them together into a full key, also on our website

  4. With the full key you can open our lootboxes to access weapons loot

1) Earning in-game key fragments

Gold key fragments have roughly a 10% drop rate from matches won (subject to change). In order for a player to be eligible for winning a key they must be playing with a character that has energy or a weapon that has energy.

Energy is indicated by the green circle above, 10 energy points are replenished every 24 hours and each energy point allow you to play 1 match. The energy inside the green circle will deplete as you play until you run out of energy at which point you will default to winning silver keys. You should see a green circle next to your eligible weapons as well as characters.

The following items give energy for their respective key tier:

Gold: Genesis fighters, Genesis weapons and Gen 2 fighters Silver: Partnered characters/weapons, F2P character (your account defaults to this if all other assets are out of energy)

At the end of each match the player will see the screen above which shows from left to right: trophies gained/lost, trophies gained, and key fragments won (not guaranteed for every victory).

2) Redeeming In-game Key Fragments

Once you win in-game keys, here is a step by step process of redeeming your in-game key fragments for on-chain key fragments:

2. Click “Connect Wallet” on the top right corner

3. Choose the wallet extension you want to use

4. Follow the on screen instruction to finish connecting your wallet

5. You can see how many claimable fragments you have on your wallet

6. Click “Mint” to mint the fragments as NFTs

(Note, this will mint all the claimable fragments, both Gold and Silver)

7. Confirm the transaction on your wallet extension

8. Success!

3) Crafting P2E Keys

Once a player collects at least 3 key fragments and redeem them for on-chain key fragments based on the instructions above, you can now craft them into full keys.

To craft your key fragments into full keys, you can either:

  • Craft 3 key fragments and have roughly 30% chance of getting a full key

  • Craft 10 key fragments and have a 100% chance of getting a full key

*you must combine key fragments of the same type (e.g gold or silver)

2. Click “Connect Wallet” on the top right corner

3. Choose the wallet extension you want to use

4. Follow the on screen instruction to finish connecting your wallet

5. Click on “Key Craft” on the navigation bar

6. You can see how many fragments NFTs you have on your wallet

7. You have 2 options to choose from for each type of key fragments

  • Try Craft: this action costs 3 fragments and gives you a chance of getting a corresponding key

  • Craft: this action costs 10 fragment and GUARANTEES (100% chance) that you get a corresponding key

8. Choose the action you would like to perform

9. If you choose to Craft Key, you can Craft multiple at a time and the number selector is for specifying how many keys you would like to craft.

10. Confirm the transaction on your wallet extension

11. Success!

4) P2E Lootbox Opening

This is the same process as opening lootboxes for Genesis keys, if you are familiar with this process you can head to the same dashboard to open lootboxes from gold and silver keys.

2. Click “Connect” on the top right corner

3. Choose the wallet extension you want to use

4. Follow the on screen instruction to finish connecting your wallet

5. Click on “Use Key” under the type of key you would like to use

6. You can then choose how many keys you would like to use After that, click “Confirm”

7. If this is your first time using the new lootbox page, you will be prompt by your wallet extension to:

  • Approve the contract to use your key NFT

  • Approve the contract to charge you GCOIN (200 GCOIN per key burnt)

8. If you have used the page before, you will be prompted with 2 transactions

  • The first one, to burn the key(s),charge GCOIN and call chainlink for random number

  • The second one, mint the p2e weapon(s) into your wallet

(Note it takes a bit of time for ChainLink to generate the random number, there will be a slight wait between these 2 transactions)

9. Wait for the transactions to be confirmed on-chain

10. Success! You will get to see what you got from the lootbox

How it Works

The main way to earn inside the game is through accumulating key fragments which is used to open loot box keys by winning games, there are 2 different types of keys fragments/keys and each has a daily limit/cap, these key fragments can be crafted together into keys and these keys can then used to open loot boxes unlock various NFTs.

If a player does not have access to any avatars, they will be given a default fighter with base stats and a default base tier weapon. All players can win loot box keys from the game regardless of what avatar they play with, even F2P players can win loot and we believe this helps us create a flywheel effect to deliver a better experience for all users.

RewardsRequirements to winLoot

Gold Keys

  • Playing with a Gen 1 or 2 Galaxy Fighter

  • Equipped with a Genesis collection weapon if playing with non-GFC character

Higher tier weapons

Silver Keys

  • Playing with the free base character

Lower tier weapons

NFTs instead of tokens are used as rewards in our game loop, this is inspired by the Counter-Strike game loop in which keys are earned and can be sold to others who want them more than you. To avoid an oversupply of keys into the game ecosystem, there will be two limitations, one set at the player level and another set at the game level.

  1. Daily energy system (NFT level) - Fighters will have fixed amount of energy per day which determines how many matches you can play per day, the higher the tier of your fighter the more energy it will have, energy can be replenished with $GCOIN

  2. Limited number of keys per day (game level) - there are a limited number of silver and gold keys that is distributed over the entire game in any time period (e.g 1, 10, 30, 60 mins) to prevent an oversupply of keys at any one time

Other ways of earning include:

  1. Collecting $GCOIN from Fighters

    Owners of Galaxy Fighters generates between 5-15 $GCOIN daily, $GCOINs are needed to do anything inside the game

  2. Win $ETH from Team Tournaments (exclusive to Galaxy Fighters) Up to 2 $ETH is available from our weekly tournaments, 100E has been allocated to these bi-weekly tournaments.

  3. Forging weapons and selling them Weaker weapons can be forged together to create stronger weapons, while the forging process itself will cost $GCOIN the resulting weapon might be able to be resold on the secondary market at a greater price than the price you spent acquiring the materials

  4. Training 2nd generation fighters and selling them

    x # weapons (burned) + $GCOIN = 2nd generation fighters, 2nd generation fighters do not generate $GCOIN but share many of the same benefits as Genesis fighters such as the ability to take part in competitions and win Gold keys from games

  5. Renting out fighters

    As more people find out about the game, there will be increased demand to rent fighters both for collecting $GCOIN as well as to participate in the more lucrative team tournaments. We will allow you to rent our your fighters through a third-party platform like

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