Other Races

Some non-human races were undiscovered native species on Earth while others were extraterrestrial species that arrived after the contraction event.


Ogres are one of many mythic creatures in human history. They long remained hidden in their caves until they got disrupted by substantial changes that happened during the last decade on Earth, got out to the surface, and realized that soon there will be no place for them on this planet.

Enraged by the actions of humanity, they started attacking small villages and cities, all of which were left undefended while humanity had their attention occupied handling world problems at hand. In order to protect themselves, the faction leaders met with Ogres and manipulated them by proposing that destruction on Earth was carried out by part of the human population named Disposables that now escaped to Bruna 8. Through this lie, the majority of the Ogres race were shipped to Bruna 8 on the promise of revenge.


Beasts were transported to Bruna 8 inside transporters’ capsules strapped alongside the aircraft that wealthier humans used to travel to Bruna 8. Beasts were genetically modified creatures designed by faction leaders for battle in the Arena but in most cases, they were mistreated pets of the Gold humans. After a few weeks on Bruna 8, one of the Disposables sneaked up at night and released the Beasts from their cages, hoping they would kill and maim those who caged and mistreated them. Since then the Beasts were indebted to the Disposables and as a result often helped, served, or partnered up with them in the arena.


Aliens were the only species that colonized other planets in the Galaxy. It is suspected that it was the early ancestors of the modern-day Aliens that colonized and built the impressive structures on Bruna 8. The knowledge and advanced technology they possessed went beyond human comprehension but even then they had to work for the faction leaders because they could not return to their homes without the advanced technology from Bruna 8 and the Aliens know that teaming up is the best way to maximize their chances of winning.


Human scientists made Reptars in a laboratory by injecting insects with a small portion of Tistarite - Earth’s newest and rarest mineral discovered to date. The faction leaders funded the project intending to enhance the lifespan of insects, their strength, size and resilience, and use them as a weapon on Bruna 8. Their experiments worked, and that's how Reptars were born. Bigger, stronger, and with a greater lifespan.


They were first found on a wreck of an aliens’ aircraft. It was the slimy pink matter affixed or formed somewhere in the Galaxy during one of the many aliens’ ventures through space. When the substance got in contact with the atmosphere of Bruna 8, it began exponentially growing and taking a distinct shape. Fully grown, they varied in size, from 2ft to 8ft. Having a viscous and mucous body texture, creatures on Bruna 8 named them Glopz. Glopz stayed on Bruna 8 for its living condition initially, but later on, they develop a sense of belonging, and they call it home ever since. Even though they look cute and harmless, looks can be deceiving.

Death Robots

The most powerful warriors on Bruna 8. There were only 135 of them produced on Earth. The faction leaders destroyed the blueprints right after the last of 135 got assembled. They win battles through brute force, and they are so effective that only 100 of them could single-handedly defeat armies of millions. The faction leaders kept some for themselves and sold some for a hefty price, most people thought the strongest warriors would be a result of bio-engineering but it seems the creation of Death Robot has shown that the biggest achievement of modern human warfare machine still came from machines and engineering.

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