Play To Earn
The main way to earn inside the game is through accumulating loot box keys by winning games, there are 3 different types of keys and each has a daily limit/cap, these keys can be combined with $GCOIN to open loot boxes to get different items or can be sold on the secondary market as independent NFTs for others who want to open them instead.
If a player does not have access to any avatars, they will be given a default fighter with base stats and a default base tier weapon. All players can win loot box keys from the game regardless of what avatar they play with. However different types of loot box keys can won depending on the avatar you are using.
Requirements to win
Gold Keys
  • Playing with a Gen 1 or 2 Galaxy Fighter
  • Equipped with a Genesis collection weapon if playing with non-GFC character
Weapons, armor and other loot
Silver Keys
  • Playing with the free base character
Lower tier weapons
Partner Keys
  • Playing with a partnered collection
Partner specific tokens or loot
  • A partnered project avatar winner will get a specific loot box key that allows them to win tokens from their project
    • If your partnered collection do not have their native token, you would win Silver Keys instead, you can also win Gold Keys if you are welding a Genesis Weapon
  • A Galaxy Fighter winner will get a GFC specific loot box (Gold key) key that allows them to win non-Genesis GFC Weapons and other loot
  • A F2P player using the default base character also has a chance of getting a GFC specific loot box key (Silver key) which allows them to win Basic tier weapons and loot at a reduced drop % with a daily hard limit/cap to avoid an oversupply of weapons
Despite the ability of partnered project's avatars to win non-GFC loot, the value of GFC weapons, armour, and $GCOIN will increase because they are integral to play well inside the game and none of the non-GFC loot can act as a substitute.
For example, partnered project's players participate in the 3v3 game mode to win their own project's tokens, in order to win they will want to buy strong GFC weapons and armour which in-turn also create demand for the $GCOIN used to create those items in the first place. the partnered project's tokens can then be sold on the open market for $ETH or re-used to buy exclusive skins, emojis and dances inside our game to balance out the increased supply.
This system would allow for complete integration of partnered projects to maximise userbase while retaining value to Genesis Galaxy Fighters through weapons and armour. A larger userbase will have a net positive effect on $GCOIN prices as demand for weapons/armour increases.
NFTs instead of tokens are used as rewards in our game loop, this is inspired by the Counter-Strike game loop in which keys are earned and can be sold to others who want them more than you. To avoid an oversupply of keys into the game ecosystem, there will be two limitations, one set at the player level and another set at the game level.
  1. 1.
    Daily energy system (NFT level) - Fighters will have fixed amount of energy per day which determines how many matches you can play per day, the higher the tier of your fighter the more energy it will have, energy can be replenished with $GCOIN
  2. 2.
    Limited number of keys per day (game level) - there are a limited number of silver and gold keys that is distributed over the entire game in any time period (e.g 1, 10, 30, 60 mins) to prevent an oversupply of keys at any one time

Turning Key Fragments into Keys

When a player/team wins a game, they earn key fragments instead of full keys. If the user are playing with qualifying NFTs, they will be able to earn gold key fragments, otherwise they will be earning silver key fragments.
Players will have to burn key-fragments in order to get Keys. Burning Gold fragments will give gold keys, burning silver fragments gives silver keys, they cannot be mixed together.
There are 2 ways to smith keys:
  1. 1.
    Player burn 3 keys to have a chance of minting a key. The chance/logic of getting a key is hidden from the user
  2. 2.
    Player burn 10 fragment to get a key 100% of the time

Other ways of earning include:

  1. 1.
    Collecting $GCOIN from Fighters
    Owners of Galaxy Fighters generates between 5-15 $GCOIN daily, $GCOINs are needed to do anything inside the game
  2. 2.
    Win $ETH from Team Tournaments (exclusive to Galaxy Fighters) Up to 2 $ETH is available from our weekly tournaments, these can be won and will be shared between the 3 members of the winning team
  3. 3.
    Forging weapons and selling them Weaker weapons can be forged together to create stronger weapons, while the forging process itself will cost $GCOIN the resulting weapon might be able to be resold on the secondary market at a greater price than the price you spent acquiring the materials
  4. 4.
    Training 2nd generation fighters and selling them
    x # weapons (burned) + $GCOIN = 2nd generation fighters, 2nd generation fighters do not generate $GCOIN but share many of the same benefits as Genesis fighters such as the ability to take part in competitions and win Gold keys from games
  5. 5.
    Renting out fighters
    As more people find out about the game, there will be increased demand to rent fighters both for collecting $GCOIN as well as to participate in the more lucrative team tournaments. We will allow you to rent our your fighters through a third-party platform like
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